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The Extra Tenth: Melissa Idell

By Shannon McNamara for
December 17, 2012 05:17 PM
This season, the West Virginia University gymnasts will lift the veil and give Mountaineer fans a closer look in The Extra Tenth. Each Monday, a different gymnast will be featured.

The second edition features freshman Melissa Idell. A strong contender for a lineup spot on floor, the Newark, Del., native also adds depth on beam.

Full Name: Melissa Ann Idell

Birthday: May 4

What’s in my iPod: Trey Songz, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown

Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo

Favorite electronic device (phone, iPad, iPod, etc…): iPhone

Superstition: I always eat a spicy chicken wrap before a meet

Worst habit: Being indecisive

Favorite late-night snacks: Cereal, ice cream and candy

Pop or soda: Soda

Chocolate or caramel: Caramel

Bus or PRT: PRT

Swimsuit or snowsuit: Swimsuit

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter

Favorite Pinterest recipe: I can’t cook

Dream date: Being taken out to dinner

Favorite weekend activity: Hanging out with my friends

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Ryan Lochte

Favorite magazine: Cosmopolitan

Best Dressed Teammate: Makenzie Bristol

Teammate that makes the best study buddy: Gina Costa

Favorite club gym memory: My coaches tripping and falling

Favorite road-trip ritual: I need pillows, food and music

Tops on my bucket list is…: To scuba dive

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