Swimming Training Trip Blog

  • By Danielle Smith
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  • January 02, 2013 05:56 PM
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Today is New Year's Day and everyone is excited because we only have one practice. Everyone met at the pool for practice at 10 a.m. Practice was pretty challenging today; there were three groups - distance, stroke/IM and a sprint circuit group. After practice we had an hour of dry land training with Beth (Byron). We ran sprints in the sand and did a long circuit after that. When we finished around 1 p.m. everyone went back to the hotel to eat and hang out. It was a really beautiful day outside so most people laid out by the hotel pool or did other outside activities. Some went to John Pennycamp Park to go to the beach and some rented kayaks while there. Others went out on boats and tours like the glass bottom boats for the day. Everyone had a lot of fun and at night, most everyone went out to dinner. Some went to Sharkey's, Snooks and the Conch House. It was a great day all around and everyone enjoyed a little break from swimming to hang out with each other and enjoy the weather.