Swimming Training Trip Blog

  • By Bryce Bohman
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  • January 09, 2013 03:49 PM
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There is truly something special about waking up every morning and seeing a beautiful sunny day and walking outside to 70 degree weather. It really puts you in the right state of mind to train and get ready to take practice by the horns. Sunday brought us one of the best days of the training trip. The coaches took the whole team out on a snorkeling adventure in the Atlantic. It was a lot of fun! After our deep sea adventure we headed straight to practice for an exciting team circuit relay. The teams would compete against the clock and try to be named the circuit relay champions. It was a great day to be Mountaineer.

After our day in the sun, we got back to business as usual on Monday with a nice little morning sprint set using an assortment of equipment and really focused on going fast! It was a quick turnaround to our next practice and the coaches didn't disappoint with a tough aerobic stroke set. Let’s just say we all slept like rocks that night.

Tuesday, Jan. 8 started off with a nice recovery swim in the morning to shake out all of the lactic acid from the day before. You could really tell the team was hurting from the day before, but we strived forward and worked a lot of body position and core during that morning swim. Following up that morning swim we had a nice long afternoon between sessions which many of people took advantage of by laying out around the pool catching some last minute rays. As the night came I ventured off with the sprint group to our last weight session of the trip. There was solid energy from both the male and female swimmers and you could tell people were going above and beyond to make themselves better athletes. Following up the lift we headed back to the pool to take some vertical kicking in the diving well. Even though we were tired from the lift the coaching staff was continuing to push us through each kick set.

We have all had a lot of good times in the Keys and I know that we will finish this trip strong like all Mountaineers do!!