WVU Assistant Football Coaches’ Quotes

  • By Jonathan Harkey
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  • March 15, 2013 09:10 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mountaineer football asistant coaches addressed members of the media on Friday night, following the first padded practice of spring football:

Offensive Line Coach Ron Crook
On his thoughts following the first padded practice:

Well we certainly have a long way to go, but I like the way the guys work, and how they play physical. I think we are going in the right direction. This early on, though, we still have a long way to go.

On learning his group of offensive linemen:
It’s coming along really well. I’m starting to understand what makes them tick a little and that will continue. Hopefully, by the end of the spring, I’ll have a good feeling about them, and they will have a good feeling about me.

Associate Head Coach Joe DeForest
On his thoughts after the first day of padded practice:

We’ve done three phases so far, punt, punt return, and kickoff return today. We are just trying to evaluate a bunch of kids. Some of them may have been redshirted. We are just trying to find the right spots for them. That’s been great for me to work with the specialists a bit more. Basically we are playing with a sophomore snapper, a freshman kicker, and really a sophomore punter that isn’t here yet. We are going to have to do a lot of things technique wise and try to be sound, simple, play fast, and get them to buy into special teams.

On the amount of players he can work with on special teams:
We are trying to run a two level deep depth chart on special teams. And then we will infuse another 20 bodies in the summer. Hopefully, out of those 20 players, we can get 10 that can help us out in the kicking game somehow.

Running Backs Coach JaJuan Seider
On the move from Marshall to WVU over the past few weeks:

It was a quick turnaround. Dana called Friday night and told me I had a job. I had to talk to the Athletic Director and Assistant AD first, and get all of my paperwork settled out so I could come up here Saturday. We did have a quick turnaround with practice Sunday. It’s been fun.

On getting up to speed with the WVU offense with the quick turnaround:
There are a lot of similarities to what we did at Marshall; I just have to get the different terminology down. There are also some different things that are coached up here, which is good. I think anytime you can continue to learn is good. I get to learn a new offense, and even with some things transferring, certain plays may be different, even though they go by the same name.

Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson
On his impressions after the first day in pads:

It’s been better the first two days probably. It’s the first day with pads on, and it is toward the end of the week. We didn’t see the energy level that we anticipated, but the first two days were good. Today was probably average. There’s a lot of situational work as well, but I’m pleased at where we are currently.

On the return of the two top tacklers last season, who are both sophomores:
It’s a good thing; you hope it’s a good thing. Both Karl (Joseph), and Isaiah (Bruce), are really good football players. Hopefully with the way we are built this year that we will be more multiple, and then you can get more guys involved. It won’t be just two people making plays. We can keep people off-balance with how they are going to attack us, and get more guys involved on defense. A big emphasis for us has been gang tackling and swarming the ball.

Defensive Line Coach Erik Slaughter
On his thoughts on the first days of practice:

It’s going well. The guys are working extremely hard. We are a hungry football team especially on the defensive side. We are just trying to improve on what we did last year, and that’s a daily motivation for us.

On comparing last spring to this year’s spring practice:
They know what I’m talking about; we don’t have to coach position as much. What we are stressing is being relentless in pursuing the ball. It’s not like we are starting over and they are in kindergarten. They know what we are talking about, so I can coach more on intensity, getting off blocks, and getting to the ball more.

Offensive Coordinator Shannon Dawson
On what he saw in the first day with pads:

There was a lot of bad, not a lot of good to be honest. It was pretty sporadic out there. At some point, I think when putting the pads on, you forget about certain things. I think that you can’t really go into the first day of practice, with a very high level of expectations. We could have been more physical, but it is also the first day in pads.

On his expectations for players:
You can’t really make a blanket statement on all of the players. We are three practices in, but we have guys that are two or three years in the program. Hopefully those guys that are two or three years in are being a leader, taking charge, and making plays. The level of expectation is different for everybody.

On the quarterback position:
I think both of those guys (Paul Millard and Ford Childress) are approaching practice differently. They are both battling for the job so they are getting 50-50 reps. There’s no clear cut quarterback. That’s also true with a lot of positions. We have a lot of competition, which is a good thing.

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