Football Player Quotes

  • By Jonathan Harkey
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  • April 09, 2013 08:30 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Members of the West Virginia University football program addressed members of the media Tuesday night. The Mountaineers are preparing for the annual Gold-Blue spring game on April 20th.

Isaiah Bruce
On taking a leadership role as a sophomore

I’ve been in this situation since almost grade school. I like to always have a better spring than the last, and I’ve had some dumb moments on film that I have corrected.

On the relationship with Coach Patterson
He is pretty hard on me, but every coach I have had has been hard on me. They are trying to make you better, and they know your potential, and want you to be at your best. I encourage them to be hard on me and make me get it right, so I can be a better player.

Cody Clay
On his experience with the offensive playbook this spring

Before I had no experience, so it definitely helps. For me, realizing that it’s spring ball and practice, and to just have fun, and that it’s not as stressful as the fall is good.

On what position he would prefer to play
For me, I just like hitting people. I feel that it’s a lot easier than catching the ball. When you’re catching the ball, you have one second to react to a play. When you’re blocking, it’s a series of about five seconds in a row and not in a split-second. For me, I’d rather block somebody but I will do whatever is needed.

Kyle Rose
On how important technique is at defensive line

You always want to play your run blocks the same. When you’re coming in to make a tackle, playing off a blitz, rushing the passer, your work at the line of scrimmage means everything.

On the spring expectations for the defensive line
Right now, we haven’t done anything. We were No. 8 in defense in the Big 12. Our goal is always the same, and that is to be the best defense in the Big 12. We are getting there with the way we are working, there are nothing but positive things going in right now. The expectations every day is to be the best.

Dustin Garrison
On how his experience in the backfield factors in this spring

I just makes the expectations higher for me, but I can handle it. We all are getting our equal reps, and that’s really good for us.

On returning punts in practice for the first time
That’s my first time returning punts. I’ve never done that in high school, or ever for that matter. It’s something new, but it’s also a chance to get out there and do something. If they call me out there to do it then I will be able to. It’s a chance to go out there and make plays, and it also helps me offensively. I’m able to make those moves and cuts that I need to be able to make on offense.

Christian Brown
On his mindset this season relating to last season

My mindset is to just keep getting better. With my technique, I’m working on my keys more. As a team, coming together is a major factor. The coaches are pushing us more and more and that’s a good thing gearing up for the season.

On working with the older players on defensive line
It’s been a good experience working with those guys. With Shaq (Rowell), we are always competing and fighting. If he makes a play, then I feel I need to make a play. With Will (Clarke), he is one of those leaders that will tell you the right thing to do and help you.

KJ Myers
On finding his role in the receiving corps

I feel like I have become a leader right now, because I have the experience as a sophomore now. I can show other players how to do things and lead by example.

On using his touchdown last year as motivation
I’m very driven right now. My only mindset is to be great. Scoring my first touchdown was a great feeling. That was my first reception, and in the first game, but I didn’t have any after that. Now I feel that I have to work even harder this offseason, this spring, and this summer in training camp to be better.