Tennis Defeated at Big 12 Championships

  • By Brian Kuppelweiser
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  • April 25, 2013 02:17 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The West Virginia University women’s tennis team had its 2013 spring season come to a close on Thursday afternoon, as it was defeated by seventh-seeded Kansas State, 4-0, in the opening round of the Big 12 Championships held in Norman, Okla.

“We played this team four days ago and got beaten very badly, so our result was we split at No. 4 singles, we split at No. 1 singles and had a much more competitive match at No. 3 singles,” said coach Tina Samara. “That’s all you can ask for as a coach, is to do better the next time.”

Playing with just five active roster players, the Mountaineers began the match by surrendering the No. 3 doubles and No. 6 singles matches.

Behind the aid of those defaults, the Wildcats quickly jumped out to a 2-0 lead, as the No. 26-ranked doubles duo of Petra Niedermayerova and Karla Bonacic defeated WVU’s Ikttesh Chahal and Hailey Barrett, 8-1.

At No. 2 doubles, Amina St. Hill and Ivana Kubickova were ahead, 5-2, in a match that was not finished due to Kansas State’s securing of the doubles point.

“I was disappointed with our play in doubles,” Samara said. “Vivian (Tsui) and Emily (Mathis) were hanging in there. They were down 5?2, but the games were close. Hailey and Ikttesh just didn’t show up, which hurts you when you need to win both.”

With momentum in hand, the Wildcats quickly completed the sweep of the Mountaineers, as Ana Gomez Aleman and Ivana Kubickova at No. 5 singles and No. 3 singles, respectively.

In the remaining singles matches that were not finished, Barrett was tied at one set apiece with No. 14 Niedermayerova, Chahal lost her first set and was behind in the second set to Bonacic, and finally, Tsui was tied at one set apiece with St. Hill.

"With the match being halted at 4-0, you never know what could happen going forward," Samara said. "Hailey took a set against one of the country's best players, which is an encouraging sign for her potential. Now, she just needs to do that with more consistency."

With the loss, WVU closed out the spring season with a 4-17 overall record.

“We have a lot of work to do. I’ve coached in the Big 12 Conference before, so it doesn’t matter what I knew – our girls needed to see it to understand what it is going to take to win. I’m pretty sure they do now.”

No. 1: No. 26 Niedermayerova/Bonacic (KSU) def. Chahal/Barrett (WVU), 8-1
No. 2: Kubickova/St. Hill (KSU) DNF Tsui/Mathis (WVU), 5-2
No. 3: West Virginia defaults
Order of Finish: 3, 1

No. 1: No. 14 Petra Niedermayerova (KSU) DNF Hailey Barrett (WVU), 2?6, 6?1, 1?0
No. 2: Karla Bonacic (KSU) DNF Ikttesh Chahal (WVU), 6?0, 4?3
No. 3: Ivana Kubickova (KSU) def. Emily Mathis (WVU), 6-4, 6-3
No. 4: Amina St. Hill (KSU) DNF Vivian Tsui (WVU), 3?6, 6?0
No. 5: Ana Gomez Aleman (KSU) def. Irinka Toidze (WVU), 6-2, 6-0
No. 6: West Virginia defaults
Order of Finish: 6, 5, 3

Team Score: 4-0, Kansas State


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