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  • August 06, 2013 01:46 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Members of the West Virginia University football team addressed the media Tuesday morning.

Redshirt-Senior Running Back Charles Sims

On transferring to WVU
I feel comfortable coming here. I sat down with my family and made the decision to come on a visit, and it just felt comfortable.

On deciding to take a fourth year over entering the NFL draft
It was mostly a family decision. I wanted to graduate, and that was the most important thing.

On prior relationship with coach Dana Holgorsen and his system
That played a big part in my decision, and I am familiar with the offense already. I have basically been running this offense since my freshman year; it is just different terminology you have to learn.

On his role in this system
I just want to make plays and be put in position to do so. I just want to help the team, however I can.

Redshirt-Junior Offensive Lineman Quinton Spain

On being the upperclassman on the line
I have to take a big leadership role. Most of them are younger guys so I have to teach them through film and after practice.

On offensive line coach Ron Crook
Coach (Bill) Bedenbaugh was straight zone. When (Ron) Crook came he implemented the power, so we are running more power. I like both systems.

On reshaping his body
I put in extra work in the weight room and did extra conditioning. I am back eating to what I usually did in the past. I am 335 lbs. right now, and I move a lot quick than I used to and am a lot stronger.

On the coaching staff and progression from a freshman
When you first come here, you are coming from high school where you are the best one on the team. You have a big head and you come here thinking you know everything. I am happy I redshirted my freshman year to learn and get ahead in school.

On expectations as a player
I am trying to be a First Team All-Big 12 selection, and as a team, I want win the Big 12 championship or play in the national championship.

Redshirt-Sophomore Wide Receiver KJ Myers

On how practice has been
It has been going great. We have a lot of depth, so we can all take a lot of reps and go full speed. We have a nice rotation with a lot of competition, which is great. The best players will be out there.

On the depth of the receiving core
I love the rotation. As I said, the best players are going to be out there, so there is a lot of competition and each player has to compete for a spot every day. You cannot have an average day.

On the biggest challenge
You really have to take advantage of each rep. Some days you may not get as many reps as you would like or you’re not getting certain plays you would like where you get the ball. You have to play fast and play hard.

On not having same group from last year
It has not been that noticeable. We are all out there working. There are new players, but we are still good.

Redshirt-Junior Quarterback Clint Trickett

On the transition
I have been here two, maybe a little over three months. It feels like I have been here awhile, and I know all of the guys and am comfortable with them.

On picking up the offense
I am not there; I don't think you are ever there. You always have to get better, and there are always little intricacies you have to figure out and I am trying to figure that out now.

On the biggest challenge
It is a completely different style of offense than I am used to. I went from a pro-style offense to an air raid, fast-tempo offense. Everything is really different, and there are new guys to adjust to.

On playing in the offense
I think coming from where I came from, it definitely helps me being in this offense. This offense is a lot different in terms of how we read and progression wise. Over there (Florida State) it was all coverage base, which it is a little bit here, but mainly progression. Having experience in both of those will just help me further on down the line.

On the decision to come to WVU
I wanted to come here out of high school, but it didn’t really work out.
I didn’t really get recruited and it was a different offense then. So I went to Florida State. I wanted to come here after the fall, but I didn’t have enough credits and had to go back in the spring. It was a no brainer though - I am a West Virginia kid.

Redshirt-Freshman Kicker/Punter Josh Lambert

On the elevation of Lambert’s kicks and summer improvements
My elevation is good right now. I feel like I've made big improvements between spring time and now.

On what has changed for coach Holgorsen to say Lambert is now the starting kicker
It's about staying consistent and kicking the same ball, whether it's a 50-yard field goal or an extra point. It's about saying consistent.

On Lambert's mentality now after being looked at as the starter
It's about doing the same thing. My job is the same whether someone else is there or not.

On what Lambert learned from the seniors last season
I learned about being mentally strong and how the next kick is the most important.

Junior Linebacker Shaq Petteway

On being able to play well in space against up-tempo offenses
We've been practicing on not running to blockers anymore and trying to get to the ball. We need 11 people to get to the ball instead of one guy, who could miss a tackle and it leads to a long run. So we've just been working on trying to get the most heads to the ball as we can to prevent big plays.

On if getting hats to the ball is a different emphasis in practice than this time last year
It's definitely not different. It is just more of an emphasis. You're held more accountable to get to the ball and if you don't, you're going to get disciplined.

On the biggest change from the end of last season to today for the defense
It's just the knowledge of the guys. We have a lot more people knowing what's going on instead of everybody, all 11 people, being unfamiliar to a new defense. It's just the whole mentality of the defense that has changed. We know we have a lot to prove this year, and we're up for the challenge.

Redshirt-Sophomore Defensive Lineman Kyle Rose

On senior defensive lineman Shaq Rowell being more vocal this season
Shaq is a natural leader. Honestly, I think he is one of the top leaders on our team. He works hard. When you have a big body like him in the middle, it makes it easier to make plays. He such a big guy and he's so vocal that you can't really help but to listen to him.

On junior defensive end Dontrill Hyman
He's really explosive. He rushes the passer really well. We're all working on getting off run blocks, and that just comes with camp. We're putting it together piece-by-piece. He's going to be good, though.

On if it helps having a year of experience in the Big 12
Absolutely. Anytime you're going against competition like that - the best in the country - you can't help but benefit from it.

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