WVU Football Player Quotes

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  • August 09, 2013 01:51 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia football players sat down with members of the media earlier today.

Junior Running Back Dustin Garrison

On being in pads and coming into the season after the spring game
I am feeling that I am doing good right now in the offense. We are still doing the same things, but right now we are tweaking different things. We are putting running backs in motion and setting ourselves at the receiver position, which is new for us. Right now though, this camp has been a good camp, and I am learning a lot for the season.

On comfort in catching the ball
I am very comfortable with it. I did it a lot in high school and did it a couple times the past two years here. It is something I enjoy doing and something that keeps the defense on its toes.

On what is the most difficult to adjust to
I would say the new way the line is moving. Trying to understand more what the linemen are doing and understanding how the run works. Right now, it is not just about running or catching the ball, it is also about learning how to block and what the linemen are doing so when we do get the ball, we know where the holes are going to be.

On plays and formations
There are not that many news plays. There are new formations but with the new line coach, Coach Crook, he has been working with the linemen and trying to get them to understand the way to block. With that comes responsibility as a running back to understand what they are doing and learn where the holes are.

Junior Quarterback Paul Millard

On more live action in practice
It is going good. Each day as an offense we are getting better and as a team we are getting stronger with each practice. I think as a team right now, we are getting to where we want to be, but we still have a long way to go.

On pads vs. no pads in practice
For quarterbacks, it is not a whole lot different. We are still avoiding people in the pocket, and they are not going to hit us, but as far as being physical upfront, the offensive linemen and receivers are doing a good job blocking. When we put the pads on, that is what coaches want to see.

On QB competition
We are all out there working and giving it our best.

On more live action
We do live plays every day. Yesterday was the first day we started doing situational stuff, and we will start doing situations throughout. I think things will start to get a little clearer with everything in the next few weeks.

On winning the QB job
I am just going to work hard and do what I do. I have been here for two and a half years now and one thing I pride myself on is my work ethic. I am just going to do that and let the rest take care of itself. Whatever happens will happen. God has me here for a reason, and whatever that is, I will be ready for it.

On the offensive line
I think they are definitely developing. We have a few seniors that are up there leading the group. We also have a bunch of young guys up there, and they are progressing each and every day. It is looking better.

Redshirt Senior Offensive Lineman Pat Eger

On having pads on
You can't be as physical as you want in just helmets and jerseys, but honestly, as soon as the shells come on for us, there is not much difference than when we are in full pads. It has been exciting and a great week of practice. It is awesome to be back out there, being physical and being out there flying around.

On missing time in the spring
I never want to be on the sideline and not be in with my guys, going through the grind with them. We spend so much time in the winter and the summer going through so much together with lifting and conditioning that you never want to miss anything.

On position changes and experience at center
It all comes down to, and I tell people this, that I have played every position on the line. It helps me to understand how the plays work more. I understand the footwork from left tackle all the way over to right tackle, so I understand more of the pieces of the puzzle that make the whole play come together. I have been repping in a couple other positions just so I can stay fresh with it. I am working on snapping on my own, but when it comes down to it, when Coach Crook (Offensive Line coach) says, Pat I need you to play this position or that position, I am good with it. I am here to help the team.

Redshirt-Senior Defensive Lineman Will Clarke

On the level of intensity since wearing full pads
As the days pick up, the intensity is picking up. We're starting to do more live series. We did our first live series yesterday. We're going to be doing more live series today. The intensity will begin to pick up even more once we get closer to game day.

On the live series in practice yesterday
It went pretty well. Yesterday and the day before changed with the weather, with everything going from facility to facility. Practice is going well. It's been a battle going back and forth between the offense and the defense.

On who has had the upper hand between the offense and defense
Not really. One group might start off well in the beginning and the other group might take over towards the even. It's pretty even right now. As a team, that's how you want it to be.

On the defensive line battle
Everyone has opened my eyes, honestly. (Sophomore Defensive Lineman) Eric Kinsler has been working with the ones. (Redshirt Freshman Defensive Lineman) Noble (Nwachukwu) is really stepping up. (Sophomore Defensive Lineman) Christian Brown as well, and (Junior Defensive End) Dontrill (Hyman) is learning. With it being only his seventh or eighth day at camp, he's really showed some improvement. I would say a lot of guys, (Redshirt Sophomore Defensive Lineman) Kyle Rose and (Redshirt Junior Defensive Lineman) Trevor Demko are playing their role really well, too. The rotation is looking really good for us.

Sophomore safety K.J. Dillon

On how practice has been going
Practice has been at a very high tempo. We've just been going at it and competing with each other. Everybody has been working with each other and trying to make each other better. The competition level is really high, because we're all fighting to get on that field and make plays.

On the success from the safeties this year
I feel we can be really successful. For one, we're really tight as a unit. We all know our know system very well. We just have some wrinkles that we need to take care of. We strive to be perfect, but we still have some things to fix. We're not there yet, but we're getting better.

On working with safeties coach Tony Gibson
Coach Gibby is a great coach. He really gets in tune with us and makes sure we understand what we're doing. He's not scared to get on us, but after he gets on us, he's not scared to tell us the right things we do.

On competition at different positions
Everybody is always on their “A” game, because they know that if they slip up, someone right behind them is going to be ready to fill in. Everybody is trying to get on the field, so once that competition steps up, everyone is going to bring their “A” game.

Redshirt Senior Safety Darwin Cook

On how things have been going in practice
Everything has been going really well. I like how we run to the ball, with the emphasis on the pursuit drill. I feel like everybody got better in their angles, which includes myself. That was one part of my game last year that I needed to improve on – taking proper angles. I feel the whole defense got much better.

On feeling comfortable with what Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson wants to do
It's a combination of both defenses I've been a part of – the 3-3-5 and the defense we ran last year. We're taking the best parts out of both of the defenses and incorporating them and bringing them into one, and I feel like they're doing a great job with it.

On the depth developing at safety
I feel like we have good depth. Not only with (Sophomore Cornerback) Ricky Rumph, but also with (redshirt freshman safety) Jarrod Harper. He reminds me of me when I was freshman. I didn't know what I was doing out there. And he didn't either last year, but he got redshirted, and he's come back and looks like a totally different player. He's a really good player right now. He's just has to keep his level head and stay determined.