Football Player Quotes: Week 1

  • By Jonathan Harkey
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  • August 27, 2013 09:46 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– Members of the West Virginia University football team addressed members of the media Tuesday night. The Mountaineers play host to William and Mary for their first game of the season on Saturday, August 31. Kickoff is at noon.

Isaiah Bruce
On playing spur linebacker

It’s a little different. The concept is basically the same. We have slightly different rules for our assignments, but it isn’t too much. The biggest difference is with what you are seeing. Instead of seeing the whole line, you’re only seeing about half of it. But other than that, I think I adjusted to it pretty well.

On how the coaches approached him with the position change
It was the second week of camp, and the coaches wanted to try me out at spur. At this time, we are moving a lot of people around, so it wasn’t too big of a deal. The coaches said that they would like more experience out there and more speed out there. They tried me out for the week, and I adjusted well.

Paul Millard
On having two starting quarterbacks listed on the depth chart

It has been working so far throughout camp. We split reps the majority of camp, while offensively we were still getting better. I think things will work out.

On continuing through the season with two starting quarterbacks
Whoever they put into the game is going to have to perform. That’s what I’m here to do.

On how he sees being a starter
Since my freshman year and being the backup, I think I’ve learned a lot. My arm has gotten stronger. I definitely think that I am capable of making plays.

Cody Clay
On if the team is “holding back anything” in the playbook on Saturday due to playing Oklahoma next week

Actually we talked about how we were going to approach this game. Oklahoma is going to have to play us, they are going to have to watch tape on us and prepare. If they can’t stop us, then they just can’t. There’s no holding back this week.

On the difference of defensive packages between William and Mary and Oklahoma
Coach Holgorsen said that our goal is to win one game a week. Right now it is this Saturday that we are preparing for. We haven’t watched anything yet on Oklahoma. I’m not saying that because that’s what people want to hear. I’m saying that because that’s how we process our season.

Clint Trickett
On the positional battle at quarterback

I’ve been through almost 20 practices. It’s a lot of practice, but not really a lot when you’re learning a new offense. I’m learning every day. Every day, you have to go into the mindset that you are learning something new. It is a simple offense, but there is a lot of intricacies within the system that make it complicated.

On the relationship between the three quarterbacks
Ford (Childress) is moving in tomorrow, he’s my new roommate now. We are all good friends.

On how this QB battle compares to the one at Florida State
It’s competition; it’s Division I football, so you’re going to have to battle. I really don’t look at it like I’m battling against the other quarterbacks, I’m battling against the defense. No matter what the other guy does, you still have to focus on your job.

On taking the field for the first time as a Mountaineer
It will be pretty cool. We had a mock game last Saturday, and we sang “Country Roads” after. I’m pretty excited for that, but we have to take of business first.

Ishmael Banks
On what he has seen on William and Mary’s offense

They like to run the ball a lot. They have some good wide receivers on the outside. They also have a lot of discipline.

On William and Mary wide receiver Tre McBride
He is very athletic; he runs routes very well, and he is pretty physical too. It’s going to be a good matchup.

On the slower pace of offense by William and Mary compared to the Big 12
We get to slow it down a little bit on Saturday. We get to see the play and the call. It’s a slower pace now until we get into the up-tempo Big 12.

On if he is ready at cornerback compared to his first start last season
I’m ready now. I had practice at corner during the spring and the summer, so now I am comfortable. I’m way more comfortable than last season. I had not really practiced at corner at all until they put me back there last season. I wasn’t too comfortable with my technique, so it made me play slower. But now I am locked in and ready to go.

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