Football Player Quotes: Week 2

  • By Nick Arthur
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  • September 03, 2013 08:19 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– Members of the West Virginia University football team addressed members of the media Tuesday night

Redshirt Sophomore Linebacker Isaiah Bruce

On Oklahoma Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Trevor Knight’s abilities
It definitely opens the door for a lot of things and makes us play more sound, and just staying disciplined and doing our part. Since there are so many options, he can take, and since he is a dual-threat, we have to play sound football and do our jobs.

On the defense needing to stay disciplined against Oklahoma
On defense, everyone has to stay on the page. If one person is doing their own thing or doesn’t get the call, the other team goes the other way for a touchdown. Everyone is only responsible for so much. No one should be thinking about someone else’s job. Everyone has to just do their part and not think about it too much. As far as the breakdowns against William & Mary, we went over that on the film and made corrections. We’re continuing to go over that every day.

On how tough it is to make the correct reads against a dual-threat quarterback
It definitely is going to open the door for more things. We need to keep an eye on it that much more. We can’t just keep an eye on the receivers, because the quarterback is quick and can run. We need to get a jam on the receiver and then look back and see what he (Knight) is doing. Our reaction time has to be fast.

Redshirt Senior Defensive Lineman Shaq Rowell

On preparing the younger players for facing Oklahoma
You have to take it just like it’s another game, because it is. But, at the same time, it’s not just another game. It’s the first Big 12 game of the season. Those young guys, they don’t have time to be young. We try to tell those younger guys to just follow the lead of the older guys. That’s what we do. That’s the body language the older guys have.

On playing in a hostile environment at night
There is nothing bad about a road game. Oklahoma has 85,000 people there. So that’s 85,000 plus the 100 on their sideline who are against us. There couldn’t be a better feeling than that. Your back is against the wall. Let’s be honest, no one expects us to go out and win. So why not go in there and play. I’m looking forward to the challenge this weekend.

On what Rowell has seen on film from Oklahoma
What I’ve seen on film is a great attacking team. They have a great quarterback and great options. They’re just a typical Oklahoma team ready to compete for a National Championship. Hopefully we can beat them.

On Rowell’s improvements from last season
It’s all about watching film. I’ve studied film way more than I did last year, and the game has slowed down tremendously. Making plays is something that I want to do.

Redshirt Senior Defensive Lineman Will Clarke

On how the younger players will respond to the hostile environment
We all know about being nervous as a freshman. We let them have their nervous moment and let it all out. It will all go away after a while. After they start playing, they’ll get comfortable.

On blocking out distractions on the road
It will be hard, because they’re so close. I’ve heard there as close as this wall. It’s about ignoring them and staying in tune with the game and not letting it bother you. If you don’t let it bother you, then eventually it will be quiet.

Redshirt Senior Running Back Charles Sims

On Sims’ first touchdown and preparing for Oklahoma
That was exciting. Getting to play at Mountaineer Field for the first time it was great. It’s going to be a challenge. Oklahoma is good. They’ve got a solid defense. We’re just going to have to come out and perform and all three phases of the ball – offense, defense and special teams.

On trying to go toe-to-toe with Oklahoma’s running game
We’re going to go off the flow of the game. We’ll go with the game plan the coaches set for us, and we’re going to go out and compete.

On the confidence Sims has in the West Virginia running backs
I think we have a great group of guys. When I come out, they come in. And when I come out, they come in, and we don’t seem to miss a beat.

On Sims getting a lot of carries and still being called upon in the passing game
I didn’t even realize it. I was just going with the flow of the game. I just go until I can’t go no more. If it’s in the game plan, I’ll get more involved in the passing game. It’s up to the coaches.

Junior Running Back Dreamius Smith

On the importance of starting strong and not allowing a let down
We know, from the beginning to the end, we have to come out strong and finish strong. Just stay behind each other on the field, have each other’s back and try to get the win.

On redshirt senior running back Charles Sims
He can do things that you wouldn’t see out of a normal back. We’re just going to do what the coaches tell us and try to execute.

On the strongest part of Oklahoma’s defense
They move fast. They’ve always been a good team, because they move fast to the ball and they’re very physical. We know in the back of our minds that we have to be more physical than them, give more effort and just go out there and play West Virginia football.

On if Smith expects Oklahoma to focus on stopping West Virginia’s run game
We’re just going to take what they give us. If they give us the pass, we’re going to pass. If they give us the run, we’re going to run. Like I said, we’re just going to try to execute off of that and take what the defense gives us.

On the new uniforms worn against William & Mary
The uniforms are great. All three sets are great. I see it’s a big tradition here, and we’re going to keep it going.