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  • September 05, 2013 03:15 PM
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It's time to check the mailbag as we sift through Tony's Ten for this week. Here we go:

The last time WVU visited Norman, Oklahoma the Mountaineers pulled off a 41-27 upset with new quarterback Jeff Hostetler. Could this be Paul Millard or Clint Trickett's coming out party, and could a starter be named for the rest of the season after this game?

-- Cole Mertins

Sure it’s possible, but unlikely. Dana Holgorsen said this week Trickett will continue to improve and deserves more of a chance. My guess is we’ll see both unless one of these guys holds a midfield séance during pregame and summons the Spirit of the '82 Sooner Doomer.

Hi Tony :) Do you think Oliver Luck will really try to work Pitt and Marshall into WVU's football schedule? It seems we would have nothing to gain and everything to lose playing those two teams who would be gunning for us.

-- Melissa - Liberty, MO

Haven’t heard much about Marshall but Pitt will eventually return to the schedule. Our football history and tradition contains a heavy seasoning of the Backyard Brawl. It’s a game that needs to be played as often as possible, but will likely never be an annual date again. It fills stadiums, creates interest, and that’s a good thing.

Is there any update on the status of Andrew Buie? Will he redshirt this season or will he transfer?

-- Tommy

Andrew has officially withdrawn from school for this semester. Dana Holgorsen said last week that he expects him to return in January for the second semester and rejoin the team.

What happened to the play used so often in the past where the wideout came across the line of scrimmage and the quarterback just flipped the ball forward as he passed the quarterback ala Tavon ? Do we not have the personal to run the play or are we saving that for Oklahoma?

-- Neil Woofter

Well, if we’re saving it for Oklahoma this probably wouldn’t be a good place to tell you. The analytics show Bobby Stoops has this site bookmarked as one of his favorites. I think the shovel/touch/flip/push/tip/zip pass is still in the playbook and will reappear at some point.

In an effort to honor and recognize former players and/or the coal mining industry of WV, I was wondering if it would be possible to begin a traditional home game "honorary captain" selected randomly from a list of former players and let the former player wear his jersey number to midfield for the coin toss or a selected miner from a state's coal company to be the honorary captain and that miner to wear a jersey with the #1 in recognition of the state's number one resource?

-- Tom Lucas

Already doing a little bit of that. Former players have been serving as honorary captains. I like the jersey idea, nice touch. However, some of the former skill guys I’ve seen will have to borrow an offensive lineman’s jersey and duct tape their old number on the back. The exception is 1988 captain Kevin Koken, who played his senior season at two pepperoni rolls less than 300 pounds. Kevin now weighs about 185 and has become an accomplished triathlete.

Tony, do you think there will be a QB change before half of the season is over? Maybe I am reading between the lines, but every time this subject comes up to the coach he always mentions Clink T.'s name in the same breath. Just wondering thank you Oh' I live in Gallipolis, Ohio where there are a lot of Oh… ( I can't even spell it ..u fans live)

-- Brent Billings

This came dangerously close to a repeat question but qualifies as a little different. The best way to view the quarterback situation is that it’s fluid. Coaches have been pleading with these guys to TAKE THE JOB and OWN IT. Until that happens we’ll see both. Think back to Pat White’s coming out party against Louisville. We walked from the stadium that day and said that’s the guy. When that happens the quarterback derby will be complete.

@TonyCaridi: does Nick O'Toole's mustache give him super powers? #boomstache

-- Derek McIntyre ?@DerekMcIntyre23h

Yes I don’t think there isn't any question. Think about what he did. He’s playing his first big boy college football game standing one yard in his own end zone. He proceeds to send a bomb off his foot that caught the attention of the guys in the tower at Morgantown International. That field flipper was absolutely the result of some form of super power. He keeps doing that and everyone will be sporting a snazzy stache in search of that special magic.

@TonyCaridi How about a season by season breakdown on expectations with the football team over the next 5 years?

-- Brandon White ?@WHIBRA23h

Seriously? Did you think you were writing to Tony or The Mentalist? The last time I legitimately predicted a season’s record was 1993 when I called for a perfect 11-0. I hit it exactly and wisely retired from further prognostication.

@TonyCaridi: Any news from NCAA on when/if Macon will be cleared to play this year?

-- kflori ?@sunnyflorida3723h

No official news yet. There are a bunch of options as to what could happen. He could be cleared to play; he could be cleared to only practice. He’s also dealing with a wrist injury that is not yet healed. In short, too early to tell right now.

@TonyCaridi Do you think that the Mountaineers were holding back a bit hoping they can surprise OU with something this Saturday?

-- Jord@n-72 ?@airjordan729h

Holding back may not be the exact best wording. As you know they needed every ounce of effort to secure the win, but I do think they used a limited set of plays. Anyone that has followed Dana Holgorsen knows he makes tweaks/adjustments to his offense each season. I think we’ll see those changes on Saturday.

Be sure to listen to our game broadcast on Saturday and you can also check us out at Kegler's Sports Bar & Lounge tonight for the Dana Holgorsen Show, airing on stations throughout the state. We will get things started at 7 p.m.


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