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Morgantown, W.Va. - West Virginia University football players and assistant coaches addressed members of the media today at the Milan Puskar Center.

Assistant Coach (Offensive Coordinator) Shannon Dawson

On coaches demeanor
It starts with us, the coaches. You have to have a contagious personality that is worth catching. If I am uptight and all the coaches are uptight, then the players are going to probably be uptight. We just need to go out there and play ball.

On offensive strategy against Maryland
First of all, you need to run the ball. You may get into a situation when you are down 20 or 30 points, then regardless of what the defense is doing, then you have to try and get the ball in play anyway you can. That was the problem that came into play during the Maryland game. We abandoned taking advantage of what they were doing upfront, and were not able to put the ball in play during the pass game. We put Ford in some bad situations early.

On receivers helping the offense
When teams are dropping into coverage, we are going to run the football and throw more screens to those guys. That is one way you can get them involved. I will give the receivers a lot of credit, because that was a frustrating game against Maryland. It was a frustrating game for them and for us. They were not getting any touches, but their effort blocking on the edges was really, really good. It was impressive to watch them continue to block. Those guys never quit. We are just fighting and clawing to get it to where it is clicking some.

Defensive Coordinator Keith Patterson

On the athleticism of Oklahoma State quarterback JW Walsh
I think with the Oklahoma game it is hard to find a quarterback who runs better than he (Blake Bell) did. As for Walsh, I am very impressed with him. The kid has size. He runs well, but also throws the ball extremely well for a kid his size. I think we are prepared.

On how Oklahoma State’s quarterback JW Walsh compares to past opponents
He is a mixture of both (Maryland quarterback CJ Brown and Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell). He (Oklahoma State quarterback JW Walsh) has all the intangibles. He is a winner. He has a proven record all the way back to high school. He is a good player. You can tell that he is a coach’s son. We have to keep him contained. Try to make him one-dimensional.

On defensive scheme against Oklahoma State
They do a nice job with the option. I think the Oklahoma and Maryland games helped prepare us. You can not have two better games to prepare you for Oklahoma State. We have a good tempo and vertical defense for the passing game.

Difference between this year and last years Oklahoma State offense
They are very different yet still share qualities. I think there is more option involved. Having said that, there are a lot of similarities.

On Tempo of Oklahoma State offense
They appear to go fast. They try to get around 20 seconds for each play. We have a definitive plan on how we want to disrupt tempo. A lot of it is creating negative yardage plays. We try to match the tempo from a defensive standpoint.

Redshirt Senior Offensive Lineman Pat Eger

On the offensive line improving week by week
The offensive line isn’t about getting praise. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to play in the trenches. We love to be physical. We love to play football, and we love to play this game. We had a great practice today. We’ll go out tomorrow and get better each day so we’re ready to go on Saturday

On if Eger is worried about teams dropping more guys into coverage
I’m not worried about that. When it comes down to it, when coach calls a play, we run a play. It doesn’t matter if they have 11 in the box or one in the box. I can’t control what the defense does.

On watching the Maryland game tape
We did some good things, and we did some bad things. We came in on Sunday, watched the film and we learned. Those things we did wrong on the field, we have to correct those. If everyone corrects those, we’re going to be successful. But everyone has to want to come out and do that.

On being the importance of the game this week
Last week is over. There is nothing I can do about that now. Everyone has to have a whole bunch of energy this week. We had a great practice today. We have to fly around tomorrow and then get mentally prepared for Saturday.

Redshirt Sophomore Wide Receiver KJ Myers

On watching the Maryland game film
I’m very disappointed with the outcome. We just have to build off of it and get this thing going.

On the receivers having just one reception against Maryland
I’ve never been a part of something like that. I haven’t been shut out like that, either. Something has to give. We have to switch something up and do something different this week with our approach. We just have to get better

On Oklahoma State and the mood in the locker room
It’s just another opponent who we need to win against and put up numbers against. Our mood is that everyone is coming together and pushing each other. We know we have to work to reach our ultimate goal. We have to work more in practice and prepare better.

On the high intensity from the team in practice today
We just tried to stay positive. A lot of things didn’t go our way last week and a lot of stuff happened that we tried to control that we just can’t control. It wasn’t going our way, and we couldn’t get going. That’s why we have another week of football.

Sophomore Safety Karl Joseph

On what needs to be improved against Oklahoma State
We need to improve on a little bit of everything. We need to lineup faster. Oklahoma State is a big up-tempo team so we need to make sure we match their tempo. We need to keep being physical, and start making a lot more game-changing plays.

On offense not converting on turnovers
It is our job on defense to get turnovers. The offense is going to keep improving and getting better. For the defense, it is getting as many turnovers as we can, like Coach Patterson has been saying. We need to do a better job of setting scores for our offense. We have not been doing a good job of that so far. We need to create a shorter field for our offense.

On the defense's viewpoint
We are a team, so we don't see ourselves as the strong link holding the team up. We are not pointing any fingers. If the offense is doing bad, then we need to step up. It is a team game, and if the offense is doing bad, then we need to do our part on defense and get their confidence up by creating shorter fields and setting up scores.

On Darwin Cook and Joseph’s play
Our mindset is to do whatever we can to help the team win. We want to put our team in a situation to be able to fight and to keep being physical. We are going to fight until the end, and never give up on defense. We are going to play 100-percent every snap.

Junior linebacker Jared Barber

On last weeks dropped interception against Maryland
I made the right read, just when it came down to it I just missed it. We gave up six points there when it should have been an interception and gave the offense the ball on twenty. We need to capitalize on those types of plays, which can help turn the game around.

On offensive skill of Oklahoma State
They push tempo so conditioning is big. We need to get to the sideline as soon as the play is over. They have good skill guys even though I think Maryland was better up front. They do not have as many skill players as Maryland I will say that. Tempo is definitely going to be the difference.

On the health of redshirt sophomore Nick Kwiatkoski
He is still nursing his injury a little bit, but he is coming along well.

On defending Oklahoma State quarterback JT Walsh
He is not faster than any of the other players we have faced. It is good that we have played running quarterbacks in the past. I think that will help us this weekend.

On defending tempo
I would say it is tougher mentally than physically personally. Whether you make a play or not you still have to run to the ball, because within 12 seconds it is snapped again. We just need to know that what you take in pre-snap reads has to come quicker. So for me, it is more mentally challenging then physically.

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