Swimming Completes WV State Games

  • By Jonathan Harkey
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  • October 12, 2013 07:26 PM
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Daeton Davenport
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The West Virginia swimming and diving teams completed the second day of competition at the West Virginia State Games on Saturday at the WVU Natatorium.

Both teams finished first overall; the women finished with 1,666 points, while the men finished with 2,958 points

“I’m really proud of how we raced this weekend. We ended up doing a full three-day championship meet schedule in a little over 25 hours,” says coach Vic Riggs. “We had a great morning session where we made some adjustments from last night's swims and in warming up for our races.”

In the women’s 200 medley relay. The “A” team of sophomore Jaimee Gillmore, junior Jenelle Zee, junior Julie Ogden and junior Courtney Parenti won the event with a time of 1:48.36, the “B” team of freshman Ileana Ille, sophomore Morgan Emter, sophomore Natalie Johnsen and senior Eva Burlingham placed third (1:55.89).

For the men, the “A” team of senior Bryce Bohman, junior Christopher Brill, freshman Nathan Howells and junior Tim Squires took first (1:33.06), followed by the “B” team of sophomore Jay Hickey, freshman Max Spencer, sophomore Andrew Marsh and junior Julien Vialette in second (1:37.29).

In the women’s 400 IM, freshman Emma Skelley placed second (4:40.24). Sophomore Katie Murto placed fifth (4:53.89).

In the men’s 400 IM, freshman Nate Carr won the event (4:06.95), followed by senior Jake Querciagrossa in second (4:10.23), Brill in third (4:13.40) and sophomore Chase Williams in fourth (4:15.45).

In the women’s 100 fly, Ogden won the event with a time of 57.85. Johnsen and Gillmore placed third (59.46) and fourth (1:00.69), respectively. Freshman Mackenzie Braden placed fifth (1:02.23), followed by sophomore Kelsey Frantz in sixth (1:02.33), Burlingham in seventh (1:02.35), senior Danya Contreras in eighth (1:02.58) and Zee in 10th (1:03.12).

In the men’s 100 fly, the Mountaineers took the top nine finishes in the event, with Bohman placing first (50.18). Williams finished second (52.14) followed by Vialette in third (52.81), Howells in fourth (53.16), Marsh in fifth (53.80), Hickey in sixth (54.02)and Squires in seventh (54.93), with freshman Frank Csonka and junior Miles Molinaro placing eighth (55.50) and ninth (55.74), respectively.

For the women’s 200 free, Frantz won the event (1:57.35). Skelley placed third with a time of 1:57.74, followed by Parenti in fourth (1:58.52) and Braden in fifth (1:59.63). Murto finished eighth in the event (2:02.10) and senior Hayley Kidd finished 10th (2:02.92).

In the men’s 200 free, the Mountaineers grabbed four of the top-five finishes, with sophomore Ross Glegg placing first (1:40.82). Junior Daeton Davenport placed third with a time of 1:45.18, followed by Carr and Querciagrossa, who finished fourth (1:45.48) and fifth (1:45.73), respectively. Junior Nathan Cobbe and Howells placed eighth (1:46.30) and ninth (1:46.72), respectively.

In the women’s 100 breast, Zee scored the win for the Mountaineers with a time of 1:05.87. Emter finished third (1:11.72) in the event and junior Meredith Rogers placed 10th (1:16.79) overall.

For the men in the 100 breast, the team had the top-four finishes, with Spencer taking the top spot with a time of 58.42. Brill placed second with a time of 58.91, followed by sophomores Jake Iotte and Aidan Fumagalli, who placed third (1:00.29) and fourth (1:01.02), respectively. Senior Peter Murto placed seventh (1:02.02).

In the 100 back, Gillmore placed first for the women with a time of 1:00.19. Parenti finished third (1:03.19) andIlle placed sixth (1:04.61).

In the men’s 100 back, the team took the top-six spots. Bohman scored his second individual win of the day with a time of 50.29. Hickey finished second (52.71), Marsh finished third (54.63), freshman Philip Fossee placed fourth (54.66), Cobbe placed fifth (54.77) andGlegg placed sixth (54.84).

To close out the morning session, the “A” team of Davenport, Querciagrossa, Carr, and Glegg set a new pool record in the men’s 800 free relay, the third pool record of the meet, placing first with a time of 6:53.39. The “B” relay of Williams, Cobbe, Howells and Csonka placed third with a time of 7:02.19.

In the women’s 800 free relay, the “A” relay team of Skelley, Braden, Parenti and Frantz won the event with a time of 7:57.62.

In the second day of diving action, junior Haily VandePoel impressed again, winning the 1-meter for the women with a score of 297.55. Junior Jennifer Rey was not far off however, placing second with a score of 292.50. Sophomore Lindsay Schmidt placed third (268.20), while freshman Kasey Stone and sophomore Tori Taffner placed fourth (219.45) and fifth (215.47), respectively.

For the men’s divers, sophomore Keith Carmichael took the 3-meter board with a score of 348.68. Senior Liam McLaughlin finished second with a score of 284.18.

“Once again, the divers had a great day on the boards,” says Riggs. “They are diving better at this point of the year than last year which is great.”

The afternoon session started with the 1650 free. For the women, the Mountaineers took the top three spots, with Skelley placing first (17:29.70), Frantz placing second (17:49.98) and Murto placing third (18:36.83). For the men, Davenport finished the event first with a time of 16:53.32. Freshman Grayson Davis placed fifth (17:36.65).

In the men’s 200 back, the team finished with eight of the top-ten spots. Bohman won the event with a time of 1:50.46, followed by Hickey and Querciagrossa, who placed second (1:53.36) and third (1:55.23), respectively. Carr placed fifth (1:57.02), followed by Cobbe in sixth (1:57.58), Marsh placed seventh (2:01.08), Williams placed eighth (2:02.58) and Fossee placed ninth (2:02.62).

In the women’s 100 free, Gillmore scored her second individual win of the day with a time of 52.96. Parenti placed second with a time of 53.71, and Burlingham placed fourth with a time of 55.58. Skelley finished sixth (56.21), followed by Kidd in seventh (56.29) and Ogden in ninth (56.73).

In the men’s 100 free, Squires finished first with a time of 45.33. Glegg and Vialette placed second (46.03) and fourth (47.03), respectively. Marsh, Csonka and Querciagrossa placed eighth (47.82), ninth (47.95) and 10th (48.62), respectively.

In the 200 breast, Zee scored her second win of the day with a time of 2:25.79 for the women, while Emterplaced fourth (2:36.02). For the men, Spencer earned his second win of the day with a time of 2:08.73. The men grabbed the next four spots in the race, with Brill placing second (2:08.89), Carr placing third (2:10.27), Fumagalli placing fourth (2:12.95) and Iotte placing fifth (2:13.17).

In the 200 fly, Ogden won her second event of the day for the women with a time of 2:08.01. Johnsen placed second (2:09.68), followed by Frantz in third (2:11.33) and Braden in fourth (2:15.21). For the men, the team took the top three spots, with Williams placing first (1:55.49), Bohman second (1:55.72) and Howells placing third (1:56.55). Davis added a ninth place finish (2:13.82) in the race.

“The kids were really tired by the afternoon session but stuck to the race plans and had some good swims and we broke a few pool records,” says Riggs. “Overall I'm really pleased with their efforts and team spirit. “

The meet closed with the 400 free relays. For the women, the “A” team of Parenti, Burlingham, Skelley and Gillmore won the event with a time of 3:38.45. The “B” team of Kidd, Murto, Braden and Contreras placed third with a time of 3:46.84.

For the men’s 400 free relay, the “A” team of Squires,Vialette, Bohman and Glegg won the event with a time of 3:04.59, while the “B” team of Csonka, Querciagrossa,Cobbe and Marsh placed third (3:10.66).

The Mountaineers are on the road next week when they travel to University Park, Pa. to square off against Penn State on Oct. 18 at 5 p.m.