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  • October 22, 2013 08:08 PM
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Clint Trickett
MORGANTOWN, W. Va. – Assistant coaches and players of the West Virginia University football team addressed members of the media Tuesday night. The Mountaineers travel to Kansas State Saturday to face the Wildcats at 3:45 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1.

Assistant Coach (Defensive Coordinator) Keith Patterson

On preparing for two quarterbacks
I think we know what to expect. One has the strengths to run the ball, while the other throws it effectively. We don’t prepare any differently in what we did with Oklahoma State with Walsh and Chelf. There’s a lot of similarities I would say.

On the emotion level in practice
I thought today was good. It was a tough loss, but that’s the nature of college football. You have to hit that restart button, and it is our job as coaches to motivate and inspire them.

On Kansas State coach Bill Snyder
All the intangibles about discipline and work ethic he has. He’s old-fashioned in the fact that his teams practice very physical. They stress fundamentals of the game. It doesn’t surprise me that those values and intangibles still work.
Redshirt senior defensive lineman Shaq Rowell

On facing two quarterbacks
I think they do similar things with each, but the backfield will be set differently. They both have something that they can do well.

On facing a running quarterback
It’s something I look forward to honestly. I get tired of pass rushing and trying to get those quarterbacks. This is smash-mouth football, they’re going to pound the ball every play, they aren’t going no-huddle, and they’ll take their time with four yards a play and first downs that way.

On forcing fourth downs
Yeah, we have to get them off the field after third downs, otherwise they are going to keep driving. That’s just how Bill Snyder runs it. They’re a well-coached team, they don’t make many mistakes. Even if you line up, and you know what play is coming, you still have to stop it. That’s what makes them special. They’re disciplined, and they execute. That makes us on defense realize that we can’t have plays where 10 guys are playing and one player takes a play off, otherwise it will end up like last week.

Redshirt sophomore Isaiah Bruce

On staying positive with the current record
We have to stay positive, look forward, and realize that this season is not over yet. Every year it seems like a Big 12 teams are always taking out each other. We just have to push through it and get better.

On winning in the Big 12
It’s very difficult, especially on the road. The 12th man gets into it. Teams play better with their crowds behind them. Different weather, situations and everyone plays better when the conference games come around. Regardless of where you play, the Big 12 is not an easy conference to play in.

On facing two quarterbacks
We go into this game plan like any other game. We have to make teams one-dimensional. If we stop the run, they have to pass and it makes things easier on us.

Assistant Coach (Offensive Coordinator) Shannon Dawson

On importance of getting off to a fast start
That is the point of every game. I do not think we have done that yet. Maybe in the William & Mary game, we drove down at first, but we will try to start fast. We try to every week, and I think part of it is getting to know this team, and how it starts. I think we have a pretty good feel for it now, so hopefully we start faster this week than we have been. That is definitely a stress point from our end to the team.

On Kansas State’s run defense
It is hard to move them. They play with a weak box at times, but their interior guys do not move a lot. I think running the ball is going to be tough. Nobody has been able to lineup against them and run the ball. Obviously, we are going to try and do so, but there are things we are going to try with our run game to sustain those blocks and move those guys. We have seen on film that they do a really good job of closing the gaps, so those guys are tough in the middle.

On scouting Kansas State’s defense as a whole
I have been watching everything Kansas State has done over the past few days. KSU is a defense that you know where they are going to lineup. They do not have a lot of disguises, and they will lineup and hit you in the mouth. The challenge is to get out there, hit them back in the mouth and execute. In a way, they already know what we are going to do, and we know what they are going to do. We will see who executes the best.

Junior running back Dreamius Smith

On beating Kansas State’s defense
We are going to take what they give us. We will run it if we can, pass it if we can and just focus on executing down the field to score. They are pretty smart and know where the ball is. Everyone flows to the ball and plays fast. We will just have to move faster and play smarter.

On taking it one game at a time
We just want to take it game by game. We are kind of in a bind, but we will not look that far ahead. We are just going to take each game one at a time, and keep working hard in practice and keep getting better.

On performance last game
I was seeing the defensive ends crash each time we ran a zone run, so I decided to cut off the defensive end, put my foot in the ground, and get vertical. I just kept doing that, and it just paid off.

On getting first road win
We will have to come out from the start and finish. We cannot take any plays off and keep the same energy we have in the first quarter. We need to keep executing and move the ball downfield for touchdowns.

Redshirt junior quarterback Clint Trickett

On Coach Bill Snyder
I have always looked up to coach (Bill) Snyder, because he doesn’t have the best situation at Kansas State in regards to recruiting, but he continues to win. As a coach’s kid, I have had so much respect for him. I have throughout my life. I was actually a fan of Kansas State when I was younger. I am excited to play against a legend in coach Snyder, he really is. The stadium is already named after him, and he is still there, so he is everything to that school, and I am excited to play against him.

On Kansas State’s defense
They are as what they appear. They do not disguise anything and do what they do. They are a good team, very physical and have big guys. To an extent, it helps that they do not hide coverages, but they are still very good at what they do. Some teams will try to do a lot, and end up in the wrong place, making it easier for me. These guys, they know what they are doing and lineup in the right place. They are a very well coached team.

On end of Texas Tech game
We did not execute the way we had to. We did not trust the way we were taught. It was evident. We did not make the plays that were there, plays that I should have made. We need to learn from that and move on. We need to trust in what the coaches are telling us and in our teammates. We are really stressing that this week, and today we had a good day doing that.

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