Football Player Quotes: Texas

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  • November 05, 2013 07:55 PM
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Shaq Rowell
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (November 5, 2013) – Assistant coaches and players of the West Virginia University football team addressed members of the media Tuesday night. The Mountaineers play host to Texas on Saturday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m. on FOX.
Assistant Coach (Defensive Coordinator) Keith Patterson
On the defensive play against TCU
We started off trying to defend and play zone, because we didn’t really know what to expect from them from a game plan perspective. (TCU quarterback Casey Pachall) started making some aggressive throws. Early second quarter I said “Hey, let’s bring the pressure.” That carried out through the third quarter and throughout the game. I think we got to him about 21 times. We sacked him three times.
On the pass rush’s ability to wear down Casey Pachall last week
After watching the video, I thought “Boy, he is going to be sore tomorrow.” We were pretty physical against him. Once we got to him on that third turnover and had six or seven people on him, that was a big part of the game.
Redshirt-senior defensive lineman Shaq Rowell
On what he’s seen on Texas’ offensive line
It’s the same thing we saw last year. They are a well-coached, dominant offensive line. I think this might be the best line we’ve faced. Kansas State had all five guys back, and Texas has four seniors with the two guards, the center and the tackle, the other tackle is a sophomore or junior. Ever since these guys played BYU and Ole Miss, they look like a completely different team. You can tell coach Mack Brown lit a fire under those guys. Those guys are physical up front, and its going to be a tough challenge for us.
On transitioning from a pass-heavy to a run-heavy opponent
We have to rest up a little bit. The coaches are going to help us rest our bodies a little bit. It’s going to be a more physical week. We need to do more film studying and focus on us as a football team, and not so much on Texas. We have a lot more to fix than they do. They are more polished than we are, winning the past five games in a row. They are undefeated in the Big 12. We have to prepare well, just like they are going to prepare well.
On playing a night game in Morgantown
This is a different atmosphere. I played at night in Texas last year and Oklahoma this year. Those guys are going to have to come in here and witness how Morgantown is at seven at night. It’s going to be something special.
Redshirt-freshman kicker Josh Lambert
On being banged up
I’m having groin and butt issues. I was kicking too many balls before and overuse brought on those injuries. It’s painful to scale back but that’s football. I’ve been playing with these issues for the past four weeks. Limiting kicks during practice will help me out. As long as you make practice count, it doesn’t matter how many kicks you take as long as you hit everything.
On his consistency with field goals
The work we do with coach Joe DeForest every day and concentration and focus helps me out. For the most part, staying consistent during practice is big. He’s with us every day, and you can tell that we are improving as a unit.
Assistant Coach (Offensive Coordinator) Shannon Dawson
On the offense's performance at TCU
We still started slow, but obviously we did enough to win the game. (Redshirt senior running back) Charles Sims played well, and we had some good things happen. The best thing that we did was that we finished in the fourth quarter. We scored some points in the fourth, and it was a very positive finish.
On the run game
I think we have been pretty consistent for the most part. Even in the Kansas State game, we ran the ball, but we needed to play better around the running backs. We consistently played physical on Saturday, and it was probably one of the better performances.
On Texas' defense
Texas has a big, physical and athletic defensive line, and even into the linebackers and secondary. It is what it is. Everybody understands what Texas is, and we definitely have our work cut out for us. We will take the same approach, and go out physical. We believe we are a physical team so we will see how it goes. Texas has simplified its defense a little bit, and is walking a safety down into the box a little bit more often.
Redshirt Sophomore Wide Receiver Cody Clay
On scoring a touchdown at TCU
It was pretty awesome. It feels about what you would expect. We were struggling at that point in the game, so it was cool to help out and contribute directly to the score. The next drive we went down and scored again, so it was nice to spur that momentum.
On winning at TCU
It was very needed and about time. We needed a win and now we can concentrate on keeping the winning going. For me and the offense as a whole, we just stopped worrying and started playing. I know that is something we had been talking about, but last weekend we actually did it. It came at a time when needed a win as bad as you could need one.
On Texas' defense
Texas does a lot of what you see out of other teams. They do a lot of blitzing, and do not do anything too fancy. They have won five straight now, and we just need to bring it to them.
On confidence after beating TCU
I can tell today at practice we have a lot more confidence. We played well I thought, and we had a good time doing it. We need to remind ourselves that we are out here to have fun, and we have to keep doing that.
Redshirt Junior Quarterback Clint Trickett
On Holgorsen's comment about Trickett's performance at TCU
As I said before, it is a long game and you cannot let stuff that happened during the last quarter or even the last play effect you. You have to control what you can, and that is what I did in that last quarter. It is certainly a lot easier when you are throwing the ball to the receivers that I am.
On playing Texas
Texas is a good defense, and we have a good game plan against them. We need to keep doing what we are because the offense is improving every week. We are looking to keep that going into this week. It will be exciting to play Texas, especially at night, but you can't put too much into it, because you still have to play the game. At some point you want to look at and realize the situation that you are in. It will be exciting, but you can't get caught up in the emotion, and that is my job to do.
On Texas' defense
They are a good team. They recently made a defensive coaching change and since then they have been pretty basic. They are pretty much just playing man coverage the whole time, which is pretty smart, because they have some pretty good guys to cover. As a whole, as a defense, Texas matches up pretty well. Their cover guys and up-front guys are good. They all are talented and highly recruited guys. It will be just another formidable Big 12 defense.