Wolf's Huddle: Mountaineers Unite

  • By Dale Wolfley
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  • November 14, 2013 09:41 AM
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Saturday was an exciting day.  Last week, leading up to the Texas game was crazy.  I have felt this excitement before with previous night games, but this was the Horns after all, and the first time they were playing a football game at Milan Puskar Stadium.  This was a special weekend for many reasons.  The WVU Varsity Club a 20-year reunion for undefeated 1993 team.  In fact, more than 100 former football players representing five decades returned to campus to enjoy the weekend activities. Like I said: exciting day, crazy week!
There was great electricity in the air during the pre-game tailgating.  The days leading to the game were also filled with excitement. The Thursday night Dana Holgorsen Show, at Kegler’s Sports Bar & Lounge was special as many of our great supporters packed it to overflow.  The Friday night basketball games featuring both the women’s and men’s teams were superb, and only added to the weekend’s excitement.  I thought Striping the Stadium was special and the fans really rocked the place and showed awesome support in acknowledging the 1993 team.  Man, the boys loved it!
Yes, it was a great weekend!  No, we did not win the game against Texas but the best thing that I witnessed was the heart of the Mountaineers … Our Guys!
This is about the players that represent WVU and Mountaineer Nation. The team laid it on the line and played with tremendous effort.  They came up on the short end of the stick and man that really hurts.  Well, I certainly understand how that feels and I have one message for the guys on the team - your brothers that have come before are proud and stand with you! 
Here are a few of their messages that have been pouring in throughout the week on our Varsity Club Facebook page:
*Aaron Beasley, 1992-95, Consensus All-American, WVU Hall of Fame
“Tough times bring out the man in all of us! You guys are playing with heart and passion!!!  I see it! 
*Anthony Becht 1999 Team Captain and MVP
“Fellas, every game is a battle.  You’ve slugged it out each and every week this season.  Some results good and some bad.  Just keep throwing those punches and finish the fight.  Good things are on the horizon.  WVU Strong!”
*Bo Orlando 1988 11-0 Team Captain, WVU Hall of Fame
“As a former player, keep your heads up.  I love the way you guys are fighting!  Let’s finish strong and continue our bowl streak!  We are proud of you guys and we are behind you 100%. Let’s bring it home!”
*Michael Collins, 1993 Team Captain
"The most rewarding feeling you will have is to battle through and “finish” the season strong. Haters and doubters have no idea how hard you have worked and how much you value each other as teammates. Success will come because you ARE Mountaineers!!! Hold the rope!!!"
*Jay Henry, 2007 Team Captain
"Proud to watch the team play so hard against Texas - continue to play with that blue-collar attitude and the wins will come!"
*Kevin Koken, 1988 11-0 Team Captain
“We have all had good and bad times in sports, and life, but that is when you learn about who you are and where you belong.  Each of you made the choice to be a Mountaineer, now you have a chance to define your choice and show everyone where we - all Mountaineers - belong today, tomorrow and for the rest of your career.  Take the field and take control of what you believe about your team. Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer!”
*Joe Ruth, 1987-81
“I would like to wish you guys the best of luck in the next two games. You guys have played with a tremendous amount heart over the past few weeks. I personally believe that you are very close to turning the corner and becoming a very good team.  Keep up your hard work and continue to believe in each other and your coaches. I am confident that you will finish this season with a three-game win streak and a bowl championship! Always a Mountaineer!”
*Rico Tyler, 1990 Team Captain
“The regret of not fighting to the end will haunt you to your end.”
*Richard Roberts, 1970
*Jay Krohe, 1976-79
“After watching this team this year I can see the heart and desire of a youthful group of guys that are learning to win as a team. I hope this team understands that we have great faith in them as they get better every week. I am anxious to see us finish strong this year and follow this team through the off-season. I have no doubt this team has a bright future and I am really looking forward to seeing this group of guys grow to become a great team. Go Mountaineers!!!”
* Adrian Murrell, 1990-92
I want to encourage you guys to keep moving forward. This is the time to believe in each other while continuing to practice at a high level. This is Mountaineer Pride and it is what drives us. Preparation and perseverance is the secret to overcoming adversity, if you believe in that, you will find the way to win. So be encouraged, you guys are playing some great football. LET'S GO MOUNTAINEER'S!
These are just a few of the comments I received this week from former players. To see all of the players quotes go to the WVU Varsity Club’s Facebook page. You can follow Dale Wolfley on twitter at @Wolfley64