Assistant Football Coaches Media Interviews

  • By Sara Wells
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  • March 04, 2014 08:42 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Members of the West Virginia University football coaching staff met with members of the media today after practice:
Offensive line coach Ron Crook
I feel like we’re getting better. We’re working hard and we’re excited about being out there. We just have to keep focused on the little things, the details and I think we’re going the right way.
Everything is in good shape now. We have (redshirt freshman offensive line) Tyler Tezeno is coming back from his injury. He’s getting healthier and working hard.
On the offensive tackle situation
We’re still trying to figure it out. We have a lot of guys out there working for it and competing for it and they’re going hard. I like what I see out of all of them.  (redshirt sophomore) Adam Pankey is at left, (redshirt junior) Marquis (Lucas) at right, and (redshirt senior) Michael Calicchio is back up at left tackle.
These battles are still up in the air. Until we get everyone here, we won’t know what way we’re going.
On (redshirt freshman offensive line) Marcell Lazard
He’s doing very well. He needs to learn how to block the guys coming off the edge. There will be some big dudes coming at him and he will need to learn that really fast.
Safeties coach Joe DeForest
You have (junior safety) Karl Joseph and (redshirt junior safety) KJ Dillon at two safety spots. (sophomore safety) Jeremy Tyler at the other. I feel really good about those three. You have competition behind them with (junior safety) Ricky Rumph and (redshirt sophomore safety) Jarrod Harper. We have a good amount of depth at the safety spot and two more guys coming in.
All of these guys have to play multiple positions. We’re looking at their body types.
On KJ Dillon
He’s a year older and hopefully a year more mature. His body is more mature. This will be his third year in the league. He’s putting on some weight.
Special teams
It’s about evaluating guys that weren’t involved last year. There’s a lot of drill work. We will teach them the techniques they’ll learn during the year. We have a lot of guys who know how to do it and we have a lot of guys who need to get better at it.
On punt return
We haven’t repped anyone because we’ve been indoors and you can’t punt the ball. We will try (senior wide receiver) Mario (Alford), (sophomore cornerback) Daryl Worley, (junior wide receiver) Jordan Thompson and a couple new guys. We will see who feels comfortable with it.
Defensive coordinator Tony Gibson
We need to see what’s going on everywhere. It’s going to help me get a good feel for what’s going on and how it’s all going. We have five good coaches on defense. We will break it down and see what we have to work with.
On senior associate head coach Tom Bradley
Anytime you have a guy that has as much experience as Tom does, and has put those defenses on the field, they play a big role in what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it. He will play a significant role.
Coach (Holgorsen) talked about getting the best available coach we could. Tom is right at the top of the list in the country. We wanted to be able to get a guy with that experience to coach that position, and to help us in that position and we did.
Linebackers coach Damon Cogdell
Working with Tony Gibson on linebackers
What we’re trying to do now is learn the scheme. He’s teaching me the schemes right now and what he needs me to know. He’s done a great job at doing that for me and eventually I’ll be by myself.
How the process of learning the scheme has been going
It’s been great, from being a stack guy, running you know, a 3-4 stack game, responsibilities and different techniques. The two months I’ve been here I’ve learned so much, and it’s just been awesome. The coaching staff is great and everybody’s just learning a new style.
Using the stack in south Florida more
My coach has been calling me from there that I had prior and I’m going to try and teach them some stuff because we have so much speed in the secondary back in South Florida at Miramar that I think they can use as well.
Cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell
How big spring is for players with potential
If you’ve been in the program two or three years, then it’s your turn to step up and find your role on this team so you can help us win some football games. We’re looking for big things from those guys. They’ve got some experience under their belt, their talented kids so let’s move forward and see how many reps you can get on the football field.
On keeping players in their 2013-14 position
I think you can only do that if you have depth and I think with the recruiting class we have coming in we’re going to have that depth. Along with some of the kids that have been in the program two or three years and have some experience and that are healthy now, that allows us to keep (sophomore cornerback) Daryl Worley for example at corner instead of moving him to free, bandit, and so forth. We’re going to have some men to develop this spring, as well as summer and fall, when some of the other recruits get in that allow us to have plenty of depth.
Running backs coach JaJuan Seider
On (Redshirt Junior Running Back) Buie coming back
Right now we want him to just compete. Make every opportunity count and I can’t stress that enough. I told him everything you do, if it’s picking up a blitz, if it’s running a route, whatever it is make everything count.  Everything right now is critical and it’s what separates people.
Quarterbacks coach Shannon Dawson
On getting into the hand signals
We started off running; it’s no baby steps. It isn’t just (redshirt-senior quarterback) Clint (Trickett) and it isn’t just (sophomore quarterback) Skyler Howard. (redshirt-senior quarterback) Paul Millard was the same way when he got here, I mean it’s everybody when you inject a new system so everybody’s a little different. Maybe sometimes its more similar to what they did in the past so they pick it up easier and sometimes it isn’t. Obviously, our communication right now is poor so you just need to keep plugging away and don’t get frustrated.
On learning anything from the communication problems last year and building a new approach
Not really. It’s not the first time we broke quarterbacks in last year either so the biggest thing is you got to be patient. Everybody’s learning curve is different and so it might hit the switch and one week it may look really good and one week it may not.
On what he’s seen in Skyler
Good, he’s a competitive kid and it means a lot to him but he’s frustrated at this point cause its obviously not natural right now. I don’t know if there are any good or bad things right now so hopefully nobody out there will have an opinion until stuff starts happening in real life. It’s just a process really and it’s got to be more frustrating than anything right now to go through these learning curves. He’s been up here watching film and doing things on his own but it’s different when Dana is out there giving signals. It’s nothing terrible, just typical.