New Ballpark Construction Update

  • By Grant Dovey
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  • July 24, 2014 02:19 PM
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While it appeared on the outside that there was not much construction going on during the spring for the new WVU baseball ballpark, project manager Bill Linn assures us that there was.

Construction began on March 17 when crews began to bore down to the mine voids, filling it with flowable fill. The mine remediation lasted until June 5 with crews using 15,000 cubic yards of concrete and grout. With grout holes every 30 feet in a grid pattern, there was a total of 35,000 linear feet that was bored.

“Why you may not have been able to see the action, there was a tremendous amount of work effort exerted just to get the site prepped and ready for the new construction,” Linn says.

Additionally, it took two weeks to complete dynamic compaction in the area of the clubhouse. This was done by using a weight attached to a crane and allowing it to free fall to consolidate the unsuitable fill material and making it suitable for bearing capacity.

The concourse has been leveled to subgrade and by the end of this week the upper grandstand seating foundations will be poured and installed. The remaining footings for the remainder of the concourse level will be completed over the next three weeks.

According to Linn, the Mascaro Construction is tracking right on schedule.

“The steel structure is scheduled for the second week of August,” Linn says. “It will be small stuff at first around the footings, but you will then see columns go up and the structure will actually take shape.

Ground was officially broken on Oct. 17, 2013 and the new facility is expected to include 2,500 seats with additional seating along the hillside.

The ballpark will be a synthetic surface to accommodate severe weather and heavy use, with the exception of a clay pitchers mound. The dimensions will be 325 feet down the left and right field lines, 375 to the power alleys and 400 to center field.

Just beyond the right field fence will serve as the everyday home for the Mountaineers. Players and staff will have access to a clubhouse, offices, team theater, strength and conditioning facilities, and athletic training room and an equipment room.

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