Assistant Coaches Press Conference

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  • August 16, 2014 04:18 PM
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Select members of the West Virginia University football coaching staff met with the media on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at the Milan Puskar Center Team Room.
Senior Associate Head Coach and Defensive Line Coach Tom Bradley
On his thoughts on today’s scrimmage…
I think we tackled better than we had the past couple days. That was a big concern. We hustled to the ball, still made mistakes, but that’s going to happen and gives us a chance to correct them. I think we’re where we want to be at the end of preseason. Everybody’s tired, beat up, and we got a lot of our guys back that we didn’t have earlier. So as we gain our health these next few days, cause next week will be a muck game week, and (Head Coach) Dana Holgorsen will do that twice in a row - next week and then the following week.
On how things are changing with classes starting…
Classes are starting, and it’s the usual thing, you’re going to be a college student again. You have to educate them on all the things going on and tell them the do’s and don’ts. You have to educate them about the different situations but at some point you have to trust them. They’re going to be college students and know everybody’s back.
On if he has a good feel on the depth chart…
There are a couple positions that are pretty well ready to go, and there are a couple that we’re going to want to debate on defense.
Defensive Coordinator (Linebackers) Tony Gibson
On how he thought todays scrimmage went…
I thought we played with energy today. It was the first time in a couple days we had some energy on defense. I thought the ones did really well. I’m not sure, but I don’t think we gave up a touchdown which is good, we put them in a lot of different situations.
On red zone defense…
They buckled down at the end and did some good things. It helps when you got guys that can get after the quarterback, and you don’t have to blitz all the time and leave the defensive backs hanging. Very happy with that.
On if he got to see everything he wanted to see in camp…
You know my biggest fear right now is tackling still. We’re still missing way too many tackles. We had a live situation yesterday, and we missed 22 tackles. So we really honed in on it this morning and thought that the kids reacted well. I think we only had two or three missed tackles during the whole scrimmage today.
Offensive Coordinator (Quarterbacks) Shannon Dawson
On if he’s liked what he’s seen out of (Redshirt Senior Quarterback) Clint Trickett in camp…
I do, I think he had a great camp. I thought as camp ended up, you typically, like today, I thought defense responded and had a really good day, which is good to see, but for the most part I think he executed pretty well.
On if there’s one thing he wanted to see (Redshirt Senior Quarterback) Clint Trickett work on going into camp…
I just wanted him to have a grasp of the offense to where he could get out there and put the ball in play. I mean not one specific thing no.
On the way (Redshirt Senior Quarterback) Clint Trickett has been commanding the huddle…
He’s done a great job of just taking over that group, and I think everyone in that group looks to him, no doubt, so that’s what we wanted to get accomplished back in the summer when we named him the starter. Just get some chemistry with that unit. As far as that goes, we’ve had a healthy camp which is good, and we got a lot of reps with those first guys. We mixed in a lot today with people, but I think the chemistry in that first group is pretty good.
On how important it is to have the noise level high in the stadium…
I think it is. We’ve done that the last couple practices, which just adds an element of confusion. You want to try and confuse those guys as much as possible out there. I think that’s just something obviously in the first game; it’s probably going to be pretty loud. So we’ll deal with that in the weeks to come, but we started doing that, which I think is good to have them going through that the last couple days of camp. It definitely makes you have to focus, when you have crowd noise and everything else you got kids thinking and confusion can happen, so it’s good to be able to sit there and process things with chaos going on around you.
Defensive Line Coach Damon Cogdell
On if coaching college has been everything he thought it would be…
It’s been fine. It’s been different. It’s been everything I thought it was going to be. Great learning tool, I’ve been learning a lot of X’s and O’s and just different types of kids, so it’s been fun.
On how much different the game is now than when he played at this level…
It’s faster. The offenses move the ball much faster now, but other than that I think that camp was much harder and longer back when I played. Now it gives the guys time to recover.
On if the techniques of coaching is different in college than high school…
No it’s the same. The only thing different is the terminology. They use different terminology, but other than that, everything else is pretty much the same.
Wide Receivers Coach Lonnie Galloway
On his initial thoughts after the scrimmage today…
Overall, what I’m seeing is ok for the last day of so called camp, even though we got another week of preseason. Up until today, it’s been a good camp. We still got a lot of stuff to do, but we were trying to just interchange, putting new guys in with (Redshirt Senior Quarterback) Clint Trickett and taking (Senior Wide Receiver) Kevin White and (Senior Wide Receiver) Mario Alford out, so you know we have to wait to see how it was.
On if the chemistry has been where he wants it…
The first team guys with (Redshirt Senior Quarterback) Clint (Trickett) have looked good. Its looked pretty good, no complaints, when it comes to that. You know (Senior Wide Receiver) Mario, Daikiel, (Sophomore Running Back) Wendell, (Senior Wide Receiver) Kevin, Squirt (Jordan Thompson) in the passing game are on the same track with Clint. Obviously, we have another week or two weeks to practice to get it better, but it looks good right now.

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