Football Coaching Staff

Head Coach Dana Holgorsen 293-4194  
Assistant Head Coach (Receivers) Lonnie Galloway 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers) Tony Gibson 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Defensive Line) Damon Cogdell 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Special Teams Coordinator/Safeties) Joe DeForest 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Offensive Line) Ron Crook 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Cornerbacks) Brian Mitchell 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Running Backs) Ja'Juan Seider 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Defensive Line) Bruce Tall 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Defense/Special Teams) Mark Scott 293-4194  
Offensive Graduate Assistant Michael Burchett 293-4194  
Offensive Graduate Assistant Dan Gerberry 293-4194  
Offensive Graduate Assistant Zac Hueter 293-4194  
Offensive Graduate Assistant Zach Motley 293-4194  
Defensive Graduate Assistant Anthony Leonard 293-4194  
Defensive Graduate Assistant Andre Sexton 293-4194  
Associate AD for Football Operations Alex Hammond 293-4194
Director of Player Personnel Cleveland Dorchester 293-4194
Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Development Brittney O'Dell 293-1611  
Academic Coordinator Kenyatta Walker 293-2821  
Assistant Director, Football Operations Quincy Wilson 293-4194
Assistant Director, Football Operations Robert Glowacky 293-4194  
Recruiting Coordinator Casey Smithson 293-4194  
Video Coordinator Kyle Butler 293-4194  
Assistant Video Coordinator Shawn Walker 293-4194    
Director, Strength and Conditioning Mike Joseph 293-4459  
Assistant Director for Strength and Conditioning Darl Bauer 293-4459  
Assistant Director for Speed and Development Kevin McCadam 293-4459  
Strength Coach Chad Snodgrass 293-3581  
Medical Director Dr. Matt Lively 598-4000  
Football Athletic Trainer Dave Kerns 293-3244  
Athletic Trainer Vincent Blankenship 293-9542  
Athletic Trainer Chris Schultheiss 293-9542  
Football Equipment Manager Dan Nehlen 293-4670  
Assistant Equipment Manager/Football Aaron Malik 293-4670  
Administrative Associate Lori Rice 293-4194  
Administrative Associate Kim Calandrelli 293-4194