Athletic Directory

Area code (304)
Mailing Address:
PO Box 0877
Morgantown, WV 26507-0877

Director of Athletics Oliver Luck 293-5621  
Deputy Director of Athletics Mike Parsons 293-2821  
Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director Keli Cunningham 293-6758
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Executive Director Matt Borman 293-2294
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Sports Administration, SWA Terri Howes 293-2889
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Business Operations Michael Szul 293-2101
Associate Athletic Director/Communications Michael Fragale 293-2821
Associate Athletic Director/Marketing and Sales Matt Wells 293-3086
Office Administrator Cathy Martin 293-5621
Manager, Athletic Business Office Joyce Bucklew 293-2101
Travel Coordinator Tammy Cavender 293-3715
Business Administrator Dia Fortney 293-2101
Senior Accountant Gary Waters 293-9844
Office Administrator, Sr. Ruby Shrout 293-9840
Systems Administrator Doug Himes 293-9023
Data Technician Pam Bryan 293-9843
Information Systems Specialist Justin Jacobs 293-0544
Administrative Assistant Judy Cress 293-2103
Program Assistant Jenna Huggins 293-9847
Accounting Assistant Graham Reger 293-9841
Administrative Assistant Cindy Smith 293-2309
Program Assistant Sue Davis 293-9873
Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director Keli Cunningham 293-6758
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance Lacey Gibson 293-7562
Director of Compliance Jordan Blizzard 293-2879
Director of Compliance Harley King 293-0138
Assistant Director of Compliance Danielle Eppinger 293-4281
Varsity Sports Equipment Manager Bubba Schmidt 293-3639
Football Equipment Manager Dan Nehlen 293-4670
Assistant Equipment Manager Steven Bierer 293-3639
Assistant Equipment Manager/Football Aaron Malik 293-4670
Assistant Equipment Manager Scott Herdzik 293-3639
Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities/Operations April Messerly 293-3056
Maintenance Supervisor Bryan Deem 293-3819
Assistant Director of Facilities/Operations Zach Eckert 293-9853
Assistant Director of Facilities/Operations Colin Braley 293-7559
Electronics Engineer Bill Shultz 293-2746
Electronics Ryan Guthrie 293-2746
Administrative Senior Secretary Pat Reeves 293-9860
Athletic Maintenance Michael Summers 293-2746
Athletic Maintenance Jim Ford 293-3819
Athletic Maintenance Jim Hartley 293-3819
Athletic Maintenance Doug Lemmon 293-2746
Athletic Maintenance Tim Long 293-2746
Athletic Maintenance Jerry Mahoney 293-3819
Athletic Maintenance Greg Ridgeway 293-3819
Athletic Maintenance Bill Brandt 293-2746
Athletic Maintenance Scott Wolfe 293-3819
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Sports Administration, SWA Terri Howes 293-2889
Associate Athletic Director/Communications Michael Fragale 293-2821
Sports Information Director Bryan Messerly 293-2821
Director of Football Communications Mike Montoro 293-2821
Director of New Media John Antonik 293-2821
Sports Publications Director Joe Swan 293-2821
Multimedia Specialist Kristin Coldsnow 293-2821
Associate Sports Information Director (Women's Basketball) Katie Kane 293-2821
Assistant Sports Information Director (Gymnastics/Rifle/WSoccer) Shannon McNamara 293-2821
Assistant Sports Information Director (Baseball/Men's Soccer) Grant Dovey 293-2821
Business Manager Lisa Ammons 293-2821
Program Assistant Cheryl Maust 293-2821
Program Assistant Amy Prunty 293-2821
Associate Athletic Director/Marketing and Sales Matt Wells 293-3086
Sports Marketing Director Nathaniel Zinn 293-3086
Sports Marketing Director Markeisha Everett 293-3086
Assistant Sports Marketing Director Nick Halfhill 293-3086
Director, Strength and Conditioning Mike Joseph 293-4459
Associate Director, Strength and Conditioning Andy Kettler 293-6101
Assistant Director for Strength and Conditioning Darl Bauer 293-6101
Assistant Director for Speed and Development Kevin McCadam 293-4459
Coordinator of Strength and Conditioning Irele Oderinde 293-4459
Strength Coach Beth Byron 293-1524
Strength Coach Jerry Handley 293-4459
Strength Coach Brian Whiting 293-6101
Strength Coach Nick Presley 293-2300
Strength Coach Tanner Kolb 293-2101
Sports Nutritionist Nettie Puglisi Freshour 293-0215
Associate Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services Stephanie White 293-6050
Associate Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services Amy King 293-8696
Associate Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services Kelli Hinton 293-1611
Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services Jillian Weston 293-7031
Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services Jessica Delaney 293-5088
Assistant Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services Erin Brady 293-6051
Academic Advisor Mark Hanselman 293-2300
Outreach Coordinator Donnie Tucker 293-9389
Educational Counselor Sandy Cole-DeMent 293-7564
Educational Counselor Vickie Mastalerz 293-6137
Educational Counselor Patricia Harman 293-2513
Educational Counselor Cyprien Lokko 293-4213
Educational Counselor Ann Griffin Mohammadi 293-6713
Psychologist for Athletes Dr. Ed Etzel 293-7062
Ticket Manager Debby Travinski 293-3541
Assistant Ticket Manager Kelli Gatian 293-3541
Assistant Ticket Manager Derek Schrock 293-3541
Ticket Assistant Ryan Mayer 293-3541
Ticket Assistant Bryan Phillips 293-3541
Medical Director Matt Lively 598-4000
Coordinator, Athletic Medical Services John Spiker 293-3244
Coordinator, Athletic Training Services Randy Meador 293-9862
Football Athletic Trainer Dave Kerns 293-3244
Athletic Trainer Allison Hetrick 293-3372
Athletic Trainer Chris Worrell 293-3372
Athletic Trainer Brittany Arnold 293-9866
Athletic Trainer Amy Hile 293-9867
Program Assistant Donna Beatty 293-3309
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Executive Director Matt Borman 293-2294
Assistant Athletic Director for Major Gifts & Capital Campaigns Ben Murray 293-2294
Assistant Athletic Director/Annual Fund Kevin Miller 293-2294
Major Gifts Officer Adrian Dowell 293-2294
Major Gifts Officer Dan McLean 293-2294
Major Gifts Officer Michael Gilstorf 293-5818
Director of Donor Relations and Special Events Susan Hammond 293-9396
Assistant Director of Development & Special Events Greta Gibboney 293-2294
Coordinator, WVU Varsity Club Dale Wolfley 293-9563
Assistant Director of Development Steve Dunlap 293-2294
Program Assistant Lisa Thomas 293-2294
Producer/Director Greg Shock 293-1307
Producer/Director Chris Ostien 293-1306
Production Specialist Sean Merinar 293-1307
Head Coach Randy Mazey 293-2300  
Assistant Coach Derek Matlock 293-9881
Assistant Coach Steven Trout 293-0067
Cheerleading Coach Christy Davis 293-2821
Head Coach Dana Holgorsen 293-4194  
Senior Associate Head Coach (Defensive Line) Tom Bradley 293-4194  
Associate Head Coach (Special Teams Coordinator/Safeties) Joe DeForest 293-4194  
Assistant Head Coach (Receivers) Lonnie Galloway 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks) Shannon Dawson 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers) Tony Gibson 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Offensive Line) Ron Crook 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Cornerbacks) Brian Mitchell 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Running Backs) JaJuan Seider 293-4194  
Assistant Coach (Linebackers) Damon Cogdell 293-4194  
Offensive Graduate Assistant Chris Hannon 293-4194
Offensive Graduate Assistant Tyler Urban 293-4194
Defensive Graduate Assistant Andrew McGee 293-4194
Defensive Graduate Assistant Mark Scott 293-4194
Director of Football Operations Alex Hammond 293-4194
Coordinator of Recruiting Operations Ryan Dorchester 293-4194
Assistant Director, Football Operations Quincy Wilson 293-4194
Operations/Recruiting Graduate Assistant Casey Smithson 293-4194
Video Coordinator Brett Kelley 293-4194
Administrative Associate Lori Rice 293-4194
Administrative Associate Kim Calandrelli 293-4194
Head Coach Bob Huggins 293-2193  
Associate Head Coach Larry Harrison 293-2193
Assistant Coach Ron Everhart 293-2193
Assistant Coach Erik Martin 293-2193
Assistant to the Head Coach Billy Hahn 293-2193
Coordinator of Basketball Operations Josh Eilert 293-2193
Administrative Assistant, Sr. Debbie Williams 293-2193
Administrative Associate Amy Fluharty 293-2193
Program Assistant Jeffrey Grubbs 293-2193
Head Coach Marlon LeBlanc 293-9889  
Assistant Coach Mike Lapper 293-9887
Assistant Coach Dan Stratford 293-9889
Head Coach Jon Hammond 293-4340
Head Coach Craig Turnbull 293-9871
Associate Head Coach Greg Jones 293-9872
Assistant Coach Danny Felix 293-9874
Head Coach Jimmy King 293-3718
Assistant Coach Stacey Van Order 293-9879
Assistant Coach Mandy Merritt 293-9879
Head Coach Vic Riggs 293-2154
Associate Head Coach Damion Dennis 293-9890
Diving Coach Michael Grapner 293-9890
Assistant Coach Kyle Gallo 293-2155
Assistant Coach Liz Schoborg 293-8581
Head Coach Mike Carey 293-3508  
Assistant Coach Lester Rowe 293-3508
Assistant Coach Ken Griffin 293-3508
Assistant Coach Sharrona Reaves 293-3508
Director of Basketball Operations Toni Kay Oliverio 293-3508
Assistant to the Head Coach Pat Biondo 293-3508
Program Assistant Shirley Milush 293-3508
Office Administrator Angela Holmes 293-3508
Head Coach Jason Butts 293-9892
Assistant Coach Travis Doak 293-9893
Assistant Coach Bridget Boyd 293-9893
Head Coach Nikki Izzo-Brown 293-9885  
Associate Head Coach Lisa Stoia 293-9884
Assistant Coach Marisa Kanela 293-9886
Head Coach Miha Lisac 293-9882
Assistant Coach Lauren Holzberg 293-9883
Head Coach Sean Cleary 293-9875
Assistant Coach Erin O'Reilly 293-9877
Assistant Coach Shelly-Anne Gallimore 293-9877
Head Coach Jill Kramer 293-4234  
Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Sara Kidd 293-9894
Assistant Coach Kevin Carroll 293-9895